Wednesday, July 12, 2006

News in Tighty Whiteys

Here's how this game is played. I note a newsworthy article then place a witty remark after it. You chuckle politely. Round One:

via Joystiq: South Korean game market estimated to be $2 billion in '07. Not a penny is spent on Missile Commander. Let's get our priorities in order here people!(Lifted from my comment to the article)

via EVERYWHERE: The red paper clip guy I mentioned a while back got his house, the press goes nuts. Score one for stealing office supplies!

via AdAge: Dan Rather, like an alligator with its teeth in a Christmas ham, finds a way to hang on to his career. Way to never quit Dan! (Nothing witty, I just wanted to write a Ratherism)

via MarketingVox: MySpace crowned the most popular online destination, above Yahoo Mail and Google. 4.5% of all visits on the Internet were to MySpace. In related news, 30% of visits to MySpace are from NBC Dateline producers looking to catch a predator.

via NYTimes: China to demolish historic neighborhoods to make room for 2008 Olympics. The uninfluential and unpopular have the most to lose. In the US, art and science majors from public colleges with football programs sympathize, send Old Navy coupons by the truckload.

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