Monday, July 24, 2006

Top Ten Game Sounds of All Time!

We are proud to bring you the top ten list to end all top ten lists. Ladies and Gentlemen:

The Top Ten Game Sounds of All Time!

10. Blump blump!
9. Nar nar nar!
8. Dok Dok Waah
7. Beeboom!
6. Sha, cha, sha, cha
5. Bling bling!
4. Bloop bloop bloop BLOOP
3. Woka woka!
2. Whooosh, whoosh!

And the number one game sound of all time!

1. Yip yip!

Those were top ten game sounds of all time! Woot, top ten! That was awesome!

A quick thanks to our top ten sponsors, you guys are always on our top ten.
Produced by Top Ten Productions.
Numbers provided by Top10 Studios.
Written and directed by Tawp Tien Jr.
Tune in next week for: The Top Ten Game Fonts of All Time!

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