Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's like an analogy

In the beginning, there was nothing [ nothing ]

Then something really big and loud happened [ ARPANET]

Suddenly, there was a universe and a lot of matter floating around aimlessly [ UUnet, BBS ]

Which coalesced into protostars [ WWW hypertext ]

Which ate up more matter and became actual stars [ Netscape ]

The stars themselves had loose matter surrounding them [ Geocities pages ]

Some of this matter became loner asteroids or comets [ My first site ]

Some effectively attracted other matter and formed sustainable planets [ Amazon, Ebay ]

On a bigger scale, some stars got so big they became black holes. Affecting a pull on everything [ Google ]

In the far reaches of space, time went on and whole galaxies disappeared while new ones formed [ AOL, Yahoo!]

And ever so patiently, the universe kept on expanding. [ Consumer-driven Web 2.0 ]

That is, until one day, when it reversed direction and started to contract...

The vast space between things became slightly smaller [ Digg, del.icio.us ]

and big things got bigger [ YouTube, MySpace ]

What was once the strongest, starts to weaken [ Google? ]

And in the end, sometime soon or very far from now, there will be another really big and loud event and all of it will cease to exist [ ??? ]

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