Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Acclaim announces 2Moons; directed by David Perry

Just a bit of news for you guys:

Acclaim's third game is 2Moons, a violent mmorpg that promises to shake things up in the mowgee world. What's especially exciting is that 2Moons is directed by David Perry, founder of Shiny Entertainment who's past work included Earthworm Jim (such a sweet game) and Enter the Matrix (bullet time!).

What can a player expect from this game? I'm pretty confident that this is the first mmorpg with graphic animated violence. Lots of violence, blood and gore. Yup, clean-up on aisle 2, 5, 8 and 11 please!

My favorite quote:

“Violence in games is just an issue if you’re not being honest about the violence in your games,” added Perry. “I’m doing my best to make this a violent game.”

Hey, we're nothing if not honest around here. You can read more at mmorpg.com, the news just dropped earlier this morning.