Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Slice till mushy

**I'm a Dormant Gamer!**

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Ok fine, there's no quiz. There is, however, a list of gamer segments compiled by the analytical folks over at Park Associates. In the world of business, if you start to settle for the status quo, you might as well leap out the window. The associates at Park looked at the measly way we've defined gamers, as hard-core and casual, and said, "Hell no! We can do better than that!" And with that, they deliver to the world their 6 gamer archetypes:

  • Power Gamers who represent 11 percent of the gamer market, and 30 cents on the dollar on retain and online games.
  • Social Gamers play games as a way to interact with friends.
  • Leisure Gamers spend 58 hours per month playing mainly casual titles.
  • Dormant Gamers have fewer opportunities to game because of scheduling issues with family, work or school.
  • Incidental Gamers lack motivation and play out of boredom but spend 20 hours or more a month playing online games.
  • Occasional Gamers play puzzle, word and board games almost exclusively.
Six segments eh? Not bad. I raise you 5 more:
  • Broke Ass Gamers play 4 hours a day after school at their cousin's house. They exclusively play Madden and never wipe down the sweaty controller after.
  • Daddy Didn't Love Me Gamers play on weekends and at bachelor parties because they need the affirmation.
  • Grrl Gamers may or may not enjoy playing games. No one knows and its rude to speculate.
  • 30 Year Old Gamers own an Xbox & PS2 but never get a chance to play so instead they spend all their time blogging about it. They're also spending an hour crying alone at night.
  • Fanboi Gamers represent 1% of the market but contribute 50% of the badly-drawn art.
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