Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Armpits, yoga and phalluses

Seattle is beautiful. My little jaunt up to there this weekend made me realize what an armpit of a city I live in (Los Angeles).

On to the ugly slide show:

First one is from the agency I was at. Very nice place, great people.

It was my first time in Seattle and it's apparently sunny and picturesque like that all the time (at least that's what the very stressed out art director told me).

Back at the airport, it didn't take long before I realized we were in the right place. And no, "Expresso" is not the name of the airport shuttle.

Stayed at The Ace Hotel, very funky place. I woke up and did some yoga. Mind you, I've never done yoga in my life. It just felt right to start there.

In case you're starting to think it was all fun and games. It's 12:42, (approximately the 36th hour of continuous work) yay, it's my birthday and I'm still working!

Finally, here's Seattle's very large phallus. I couldn't very well go there and not show you an image of it.

I'm back! From the traffic numbers, it looks like y'all gave up on me around Sunday night. Don't worry, it's back to blogging goodness, I promise.

Oh yeah, coffee there sucks!

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