Wednesday, August 02, 2006

E3: Stages of Grief

It's been 3 days and as an industry, we've dealt with the loss nobly. In fact, we should probably move on and get back out there, maybe start dating other conventions. You know, just a casual thing, nothing serious.

Business Week - "It's too early to declare E3 officially dead. Pachter says while E3 in its current form is no longer, exhibitors will continue to come out in force."

Engadget - "It's simply not always feasible for hundreds of companies to round up retail professionals and game journalists the world over to show off new product in bits and pieces throughout the year every year -- which is why we have massive shows..."

VGGen - "Surely other parties will return to the table, keeping E3 almost as big an event as it was before, even if the crowds are drastically reduced from previous years."

GameSpot - "At the same time, I've come to recognize that the madness of E3 is something special. I will miss the sheer grandeur of the show, its media-circus atmosphere."

Penny Arcade - "As soon as we engaged our minds it made a lot of sense. It's a big move, but that Goddamn thing essentially arrests the entire industry for months. For that reason alone I'd be glad to see it gone, as much as I've enjoyed the annual bacchanal."

All quotes are shamelessly taken out of context to fit the needs of this post. Have a nice day!

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