Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fill'er up

So let's be honest here. Posts have been subpar lately. I'm not making any excuses. Haven't had the time so the blog content suffers. But hey, keep dropping by and things may pick up again soon. In the meantime, enjoy the filler.

Just a friendly note to let you know I haven't thrown in the towel.

Thanks! =)


Karl Castaneda said...

It's all good, Ken - I know how it is. Now that I'm back at school and I've got all of this stuff to do at my other writing gig, Gaming Vision isn't gettig enough content from me. All I can do is the podcast right now since that only takes a couple hours out of my week to record, edit, and upload.

You remember that post you had about people having 20-something websites that they visit on a daily basis? The Newb is one of mine, so I'm not going anywhere.

Ken said...

Oh man, I'm honored to be on your 20. Thanks for the support.

Podcast 2 was cool by the way. I would tell you more but I'm reviewing it with the sound off. =P