Thursday, June 08, 2006

Absolut absolves my guilt

When I recently wrote about the MSN campaign, "The Way News Spreads", I may have been a bit harsh. When referring to the image on the site and how the creators anticipated users trying to figure it out, I said,

"Do they honestly think that in the ADD interactive world, someone (other than your ass-kissing jr. copywriter) is going to actually take the time to try to figure this out?"
That's a little mean and it's been nagging at me how I may have been unfair. Perhaps the campaign wasn't so bad. Perhaps there really isn't a better way to do a single page campaign. Maybe I was... ::gulp:: wrong?

Hehe, 'fraid not MSN.

My redemption comes in the form of a beautifully done campaign for Absolut. Pay attention here MSN. Like yours, this is a campaign based on one page of art. Unlike yours, I actually had fun interacting with it.

What's the difference? Absolut's page gave me instruction and motivation. It held my hand but I enjoyed it every step of the way. Bravo to them.

(And you thought this blog was all about trashing creative)

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