Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yeah, like this is new?

In this installment of "Marketers are Evil"

DC Comics announced recently that they are bringing back the Batwoman character, previously killed off in 1979. Not to be confused with Batgirl, a wholly different Bat character. The difference is that Batwoman is umm, not a girl. ::shrug:: Speaking of girls, she also likes girls. Yeah, in that way. Yup, she's batting for the other team (Batting, oh my gosh, I kill me).

According to DC Comics, her sexuality is just part of character building. "We are confident that we are telling a great story with a strong, complex character." Regarding the attention this announcement has received: "It's kind of weird. We had a feeling it would attract some attention, but we're a little surprised it did this much."

I call BS. This is a shameless marketing ploy for a dying medium. There's really no need to bring attention to it if you didn't think it would bring you a whole lot of attention. I prefer the subtle approach; secret identities and all that. For example, we've all known for years there's a bat-shaped bed in the Batcave and that Batman and Robin have unambiguously relaxed there after long hard days. (I couldn't help it, I just had to do a B&R joke, forgive my weakness)

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