Sunday, June 11, 2006

May 7, 2010: Content agent report

"Audio mode. Good morning Ken. No personal messages. 11 general messages, 2 interest matched. First message, from MetaStates:

MMOrg group, MetaStates, announced their much anticipated summer concert schedule today. Teen music sensation, Dakota Fanning, will be headlining the series with special reunion appearances from the Gorillaz and the Mighty Brooklyns. Ms. Fanning's Malko'View access can be purchased for $230 or 490 G-creds at any Google-secured site or by loading ctp:// at any ATM. All musician MVs are still available for premium accounts, prices vary.

For general admission, fans are encouraged to register early for the best spawn points. Only contemporary avatars please; dress to impress! Absolutely no v-caps allowed, Symantec scans will be mandatory prior to TP.

T-mobile customers can see sneak previews by swiping specially-marked bottles of Coke and Vita-Coke.

To continue receiving announcements, please send an agent scanapse to...

Deleted. Message 2, from NY Times:

Stocks climb 4% after President Clinton announced the first ever...

Deleted. Continue? Messages saved.

Agent returning to standby. Have a good weekend, don't forget Mother's Day.

Standby canceled. Local prices for irises are..."

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