Thursday, June 01, 2006

World Cyber Games: Make your country that doesn't care proud!

If you're like me, you've always wanted to represent your country in a sporting event. Unfortunately, you may also have run into a few obstacles. Not the quickest kid in gym? Can't dunk anything but a donut? Just don't look very good in spandex? Yeah, me too.

But don't despair, there is hope. You and I, my friend, can one day stand on a podium too. With our hand over our heart, we can mouth the words to that song they sing when they raise that flag. Yes, you and I, we will be champions in... e-sports!
Right this moment, the World Cyber Games are conducting qualifiers for the 2006 US team. You only have a few days left to register. From the WCG:

There are eight official WCG game titles: Warcraft III: Frozen Throne (PC); StarCraft: Brood War (PC), Warhammer 40K: Winter Assault (PC); Counter-Strike 1.6 (PC); Need for Speed: Most Wanted (PC); FIFA 06 (PC); Dead or Alive 4 (Xbox 360); and Project Gotham Racing 3 (Xbox 360). The winner for each title at the WCG USA National Final will advance to the WCG Grand Final in Monza, Italy, October 18-22.
The WCG is a product of the Korean fanaticism with games. Participants from around the world gather every year (to get their butts kicked by Koreans). They even have a cute mascot and theme song. This is serious e-sports people.

This year is our year! We will bring home the glory!

U! S! A! U! S! A! U! S! A!

Ok, in all seriousness, this is pretty neat. I'm being sarcastic because I think they could afford to tone down a little of the Olympic overtones. It might get more traction if they just went a different route altogether. Oh yeah, the saddest thing? I'm no where close to being a champion in this type of sport too. Sad day.

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