Monday, June 26, 2006

NY Times quotes me: I'm giddy!

In what is sure to be my strangest morning newspaper moment to date...

I was snacking on my whole-wheat-frosted, sugar-free, gluten-free and unsaturated fat toast this morning when I ran across this article in my NY Times, "A Lesson for Parents on 'MySpace Madness'". June 26, 2006: Page C4 (free reg login required, but you knew that)

An excellent article that got me reading to the very last three paragraphs, at which point I came across the text:

"Ken Chan, a brand manager for the video game company..."
::blink blink... AND blink::

Egads, that's me! You guys better duck, cuz my professionalism is flying out the door:


Ok, I've calmed down.

The ironic thing was that I was reading the article and thinking, oh I should update the blog with this bit of news about the MySpace assault case. Apparently, the predator is now suing MySpace as well because they didn't keep the 13 year old from joining the site in the first place (you have to be 14 to join). In related made-up news, both of these kids were sent to the hospital earlier today with injuries due to spontaneous combustion of their pants. The universe is thus balanced.

By the way, the NY Times quoted me. How wild is that?!

Excuse me a second while I look through the bushes for my professionalism.

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