Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Write as if no one is reading

I must confess, sometimes I write for myself; quietly stroking my literary ego with cooing vowels and soft consonants. Other times, I write for the reader; visualizing how over-thought words will elicit responses, be it giggles, disgust, or confusion.

And sometimes, it's all about the O... Organizing information that is. A blog is a useful place to archive nuggets of info that are searchable later. This is an archive post.

Keyword: "Gamer demographic info"
Article: via MarketingVox "Online Gaming Growing, Second only to Board Games"
Description: Too dry to really say anything about, except that I too would rather play a board game amongst friends than a video game. We need more Mario Party-like offerings.

Google World Domination Watch, Partial Entry: "Google Introduces Spreadsheets"
Link here, currently signup only
Description: Google tackles Microsoft's masterpiece, Excel. If it doesn't have a pivot table function, I'm not interested.

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