Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Random Idea: Calories on Receipts

This one shouldn't take too long to explain. I recommend that all restaurants should implement a system that prints out the calories of a food item right on the receipt. At the bottom would be a total calorie count for that receipt. So for example:

Welcome to McNewb

Western BBQ Fries - $1.25 - 325cal
Country Fried Salad - $2.56 - 530cal
Quadruple Chocolate Shake - $2.10 - 350cal
Large Diet Coke - $1.99 - 0cal

$ Subtotal: $7.85
$ Tax: $0.65
$ Total: $8.50
Cal Total: 1,205
Have a Nice Day!

You know my philosophy by now: empower consumers. Give consumers more information and let them decide what they should do with it. I'm sure most people will ignore it but I'd like to think that some will be able to use it to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

From a technology standpoint, I don't see this being a very difficult task, just a few database additions. Anyone in the restaurant operations biz listening?

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