Thursday, June 08, 2006

Obedience training for dogs, the bipedal variety

I love keeping you guys updated on topics of minor consequence I've posted about before. So:

A while ago, I mentioned a campaign from Brawny paper towels that "dealt" with issues of masculinity and roles in the home (I'm overthinking it, it's a fun site).

As an extension of that campaign, they have introduced Brawny Academy: "Watch real husbands like yours learn from the Brawny Man himself".

It's an online reality show that places regular couch kings into the gentle emasculated hands of the new Brawny Man. He'll teach them to be butch but not too butch. Strong but not too strong. In no time, they'll be an oxymoronic metro-chauvinist of the 21st century.

This should be a fun one to watch. First episode (or should I call it webisode?) is June 12.

via Interstractive (who has more insightful things to say)

By the way, if you're into "made for online" reality shows, check out SoCom Hellweek. Take a bunch of dorky gamers and put them through hardcore SEAL training. Sit back, place bets on when each guy will break and watch the snot-laced blabbering commence. Oh yeah, good times.

(Don't you love how I always manage to tie totally off-topic posts back to gaming somehow? I'm so proud of me!)

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