Monday, May 01, 2006

Absolut Ripoffs

One of my favorite advertising sites, Coloribus, posted a collection of images from a Camel campaign in Argentina. Hmm, it's absolut*-ly original.

If you think this is a blatant rip-off, you should check out the Coloribus AdMirror section which reveals the unsurprisingly inbred nature of the ad world.

There are no more original ideas.

(In fact, this post is entirely lifted from at least 6 different blogs. Plagiarism: If it's good enough for a Harvard grad, it's good enough for me. )

*If I'm being too subtle about this; Absolut, a brand of vodka, had a long running campaign that looked and felt almost identical to this Camel campaign. If you need to be reminded, click this link. This makes sense since the same agency was responsible for both campaigns. So let's see, they got alcohol, now tobacco, next campaign will be for Smith & Wesson with the line: "Definitive Terror". I can't wait.

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