Sunday, May 14, 2006

Game Never Over: Chapter 4

Continued from Chapter 3

"Game Never Over"
Chapter 4

After the incident with the contact, the henchman and the pavement, I realized that this mission was more complex and there's a lot more going on here than Q let on. It was time to get serious, time to search for signs of trouble... no matter how subtle.

I soon discovered that speaking to random individuals was getting me everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Even some folks that looked trustworthy brought me no closer to discovering the evil plot brewing within the convention.

Finally, I found a passage that looked out of place, even for Los Angeles.

Within this maw, the signs were so obvious! I was determined not to end up like the other agents. I crept cautiously deeper. The air smelled of sweaty palms and hot dogs with too many condiments. In a word, evil.

In no time at all, I found something most disturbing. Yes, evil definitely lurks in this place. I better hurry!

Right, must hurry. The city's in danger, must...... oh hello! What's this?

You know, it's been long day... Fighting for freedom is killer on the back. I'll just take a little break, surely nothing will happen in the next 10 minutes.

Meanwhile... on the other side of the convention center... a non-descript truck is being loaded with $2 million in cash; the payment for a weapon capable of horrific, terrible, ruthless and generally uncomfortable things. A weapon so big, powerful and shafty, it's mere presence sends a subliminal shiver through civilian spines. A weapon called game marketing.

5 minutes later, as the truck heads towards the desert... but only making it as far as the end of the parking lot, the weapon is triggered. Nothing can stop it.

Innocence is lost, replaced by violence, sex and chaos. It is a sad day in Los Angeles, a sad sad day.

Laid back in a massage chair and with eyes closed, a lone agent of a mysterious agency mutters the last words of the day, "A little lower... yeah, oh that's good"

The End

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