Tuesday, May 16, 2006

All wired up and no where to go?

I will give you select quotes from an interesting article and let's compare notes after, k? Here goes:

"Virtual nightclub offers teens alter egos"

" The club is a cross between MySpace.com, the social-networking site, and "World of Warcraft," a multiplayer online game."

"Young people will be honing their social skills within his virtual nightclub, which features all the trappings of a trendy hotspot: dim lights, Jacuzzi and bouncers."

"Littlefield hired a choreographer who personally approved a range of moves so the alter egos of the Lounge's patrons are sure to look good while they boogie."

"Young men will have a choice of standing erect or slouching in a cool, Brando-kind of way."

""Sure, kids in Los Angeles and New York know what a club experience is like," said Littlefield, who is from London. "But what about teenagers who live in Des Moines, Iowa?"

I'll give you a minute to let that all sink in....

Hey, can you pass the Diet Coke?.... Thanks... Mmm, that's good Diet Coke.... Ok, you ready? Good.

So what do you think, good idea, bad idea?

I can't help but think of those poor Iowa kids, they really do deserve to experience the clubbing scene too. Even better is the fact that they can now do it without the loud music, the booze and most importantly, the temptation of gyrating flesh. Plato's allegory of the cave applies here somehow...

Can't see how this couldn't be a runaway success, just gotta make sure we forget everything we know about human nature and adolescent acculturation.

Original CNET article here. Club site here.

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