Sunday, May 14, 2006

Game Never Over: Chapter 3

Continued from Chapter 2

"Game Never Over"
Chapter 3

Late into the day and weighed down by large bags of marketing junk, the collection of men with greasy-unkept hair and the scattering of women with fresh career doubts were moving with an infectious sluggishness. Under these conditions, like sitting in a room full of sleeping cats, it was difficult not to succumb to the mass lethargy. But I'm a professional. I kept my wits sharp, otherwise, I would never have spotted her.

Beautiful, blonde and with an impressive set of eyes... I knew at once that she was my designated contact. I've listened in to enough locker room chats back at headquarters to know that she was the mole, the one person that would let me in on the dastardly deeds being planned by our enemies.

I tucked my right hand into my front pocket, stroked my moustache-in-progress with my left hand and made my way towards her. I had been paying attention while walking the floor so I knew exactly what to do and say.

I placed my hand on her hip, leaned into her and whispered, "Hello, I hear you are fond of playing with the Wii. Would you like to play with my Wii... with me?"

Two things happened almost simultaneously: I noticed the sign beside her, which read: "Evil befalls those who touch" and an excruciating pain (greater than when I accidentally dropped my loaded PPK in the bathtub) hit me full force between the legs.

The world went dark.

When I came to, she was gone. I got up, brushed the gravel from the impact side of my face and wiped the wetness from the corner of my mouth... it must have been blood. I then realized quickly that she was not my contact but a decoy, what a fool I was.

I decided that I needed to change my appearance... and also go to the bathroom. I found one nearby but there was a line.

I found another location with a group of stalls. For some reason, I felt self-conscious while using these stalls.

Some guy offered to show me his hot flaming balls. No doubt about it, another henchman.

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