Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I <3 Statistics

MarketingVox summarizes a Comscore report on gamers and their attitudes toward in-game advertising. If you don't like stats, you might want to back away from this post. If you're like me and your happy place is lighting some candles and relaxing in a tub of stats, take a look at these:

"Only 15% of Heavy Gamers [16+hrs per week] said they would be 'unlikely' to play games that included in-game advertising."

Since these guys are the toughest crowd to please, that's not too bad. Throw in the fact that you can offer games for free (like we're doing) and I'm sure that number will drop even more.

"The typical gamer has been gaming for 9 years and has been online for about 8 years... Gamers also spend more than twice as many hours online per month than the norm."

As suspected, the gaming public are probably also tech savvier than the normal population. Overall, I think the creep of ads into games will definitely cause a stir since those 15% of heavy gamers are pretty vocal. However, I don't think ads will be a deal-breaker, especially if developers know how to show consumers the benefits they are getting as well.

Finally, 100% of the people that have read this far into this post are total geeks. Ha ha, gotcha!

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