Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Atari, you must believe!

In in-game advertising news: Atari doesn't think in-game ads are going to bring significant income to their business. This Next Gen article cites the publisher as saying that in-game ads are icing on the proverbial cake (paraphrased).

Ahem, Dear Atari.

Well... duh! You are holding onto the retail model of making games. Ads aren't going to play a big part in your games because you are presenting ads for "realism". It's like product placement in movies aren't going to ever replace ticket sales. But hey, whatever, that's cool if it works for you. Good luck with that, force be with you and all that good stuff.

But it hurts when you say, ""I don't ever envision an in-game ad serving deal having a dramatic impact on the financials of any particular company, Atari included..." Never say "never"... well I guess you said "don't ever"... whatever, same difference. That's quite a blanket statement and I for one, am disappointed at the lack of faith. Repeat after me: I believe!

I have an analogy here somewhere, something about a hot air balloon like our businesses and the ballasts as old ways of thinking and something about cutting dead weight but I can see your eyes glazing over. Let's just agree to disagree.

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