Tuesday, May 16, 2006

And for my next trick, I will guess the color of your underpants

So yesterday, I was in a pondering and apparently prognosticating mode when I posted about the lack of episodic and seasonal type of content in games. Today, I ran into the story on the return of Sam & Max, on both Joystiq and Kotaku. The stories are more about the trailer from E3 (which I didn't see, I swear!).

However, if you go to the game's site, specifically the FAQ. You see this little Q and A:

"So what are you up to?

Telltale Games is working with Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell to create an ongoing series of episodic Sam & Max games. We've partnered with GameTap to distribute the first season of games and share in the general revelry. (Dan Connors also got a nice t-shirt out of the deal!) Season 1 will debut this fall at GameTap and on Telltale's site with short, punchy episodes released in rapid succession, each telling a self-contained story, all the while feeding into a grander season-wide arc.

If this sounds kind of familiar, don't be alarmed. Look over at your television for a second and think about how TV seasons work. (To make the analogy sweeter, try and concentrate on the good shows.) It's kind of like that, but with funny video games."

That's pretty cool beans, especially because I LOVED the old Sam & Max. Oh giant ball of twine, how I miss thee.

Ok, and now I'd just like to take a minute and savor the sweet taste of relevance and timeliness of my earlier post. Mmm... so sweet... just like cinnamon sugar...

By the way, it's purple and what are you doing wearing purple underpants? Eww.

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