Saturday, May 13, 2006

Game Never Over: Chapter 2

Continued from Chapter 1

"Game Never Over"
Chapter 2

I arrived at the Convention Center. No sign of hostiles or any sign of a contact. There was some event going on... clever... a very convenient cover for Russian/Colombian communist drug smuggling terrorist madmen. I secured an entry badge after trading my pager, sunglasses and $34 with a rather large long-haired hippy with a beard.

By the look of the vehicles, another agent was here. Better be careful.

Time to blend in and infilitrate

Military presence confirmed... I may have been spotted...

I retreated back into the crowd. A group of civilians were waiting around a bus stop... inside the building. Must have been some liberal Californian environmental thing, drive less or something like that.

I found more training... a mock-up of a subway car.

No sign of trouble... yet. Spotted a suspicious martial artist practicing some moves on TWO lighted floors at the same time! I kept an eye on him, looks like the henchman type.

I slipped away quickly...

[Continues in Chapter 3]

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