Tuesday, May 30, 2006

When marketing is art and art is marketing

via Digg, and Seth's Blog. A guy is stenciling the numbers 1 - 1000 in blue on white canvas and selling them online. So far, he's sold over 100 numbers/pieces. This is stretching the definition of art... but it is artistic marketing.

Basic economics courses could have a field day with this. How does an artificially limited supply affect demand? Where is the tipping point from coaxing a few idiots to buy one to the rest of the population must having one? How does the Internet create value via superficial social ties (hmm, that guy bought one, maybe I should join the club)?

Marketing is all about conveying value. Sometimes that value is genuine and sometimes it's not. Value is a construct of fiscal, psychological and physiological influences. If you think this guy is doing something outrageous, let me remind you that you probably bought bottled water recently. He's a marketing artist and whether or not you agree with his art, he has done a nice job of building something out of nothing.

I would buy one but it just doesn't work with the art I already have.

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Anonymous said...

The value of this one is almost superficial because it's basically still a blank canvas in its primer. Another guy guy gives more value by sticking sand on it, not just any sand, but sand from an exotic location. check his site at http://www.thousandlotsofsand.com

Lots of land, lots of sand; get it?