Friday, May 19, 2006

Say "Hello" with Picasa

Second test of "Hello" software. Last night at the Venice Whaler, during Karaoke: Austin does his "sleeping hampster". I'm confused.

[Manual edit: Just used Picasa with Hello to send this post automatically to Blogger. I'm impressed, very user-friendly process. I counted less than 4 clicks from uploaded images to live on blog (after initial set-up, of course).

Ever since I chose to use Blogger for Branded Newb, I've been wondering if I made the right choice. When I decided, it was simply because it was associated with Google so I figured that they would eventually put some resources into it to integrate it with other offerings. Still haven't seen anything mind-blowing yet but this Hello thing is nice.]

[Edit 2: I just noticed, no titles. Hmm, that's not very cool. Added one myself]

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