Friday, May 19, 2006

Buy it now!

It's a week after E3 and since I only spent 3 hours on the actual floor, I'm deep in regret for not seeing more games and picking up more schwag. To torment myself further, I made a visit Ebay to check out the gobs of money I could have made if I had filled up with goodie bags.

One man's trash...

Gears of Wars Xbox360 Faceplate - $181.00

Wii T-shirt - $27.50

Set of 6 lanyards (the things you hang your badge on) - $41.00

Metal Gear Solid poster - $4.99

One set of some dude's pictures on CDrom - $10.00

Not making a priceless joke - priceless

Screw it, I'm going to sell all my old E3 badges (going all the way back to 2000). You, yes you, can slip on one of these badges (lanyards not included, but I know where you can find some) and BE Ken Chan. How incredibly mind-blowing a concept is that? Stun your friends at parties by putting on and taking off the badges. "Look, I'm Ken... not Ken... Ken again... not Ken"

As an added bonus, badges where I was an "artist" or "band manager" (no joke) are worth a lot since I was neither at the time. Starting bid for the set: $2.74

Good luck!

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