Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Stand-up about Nintendo

via Destructoid, via Digg, a standup routine on Nintendo:

At first I laughed, then I wondered why I laughed. To be honest, what this guy is saying isn't really that insightful nor is it witty. I think it's funny because he has good delivery but mostly because my generation has always enjoyed gaming as a closeted pasttime. It's my generation's little inside joke and now we're finally old enough to come out of the closet and laugh a little about it.

I once saw a really insightful photograph that pretty well summed up another earlier generation. It's called "Boys with Their First Car". (By the way, you have no idea how insanely difficult it is to find a photograph without knowing the title, photographer or name. Even with Google, it took a while.)

I think my generation's version of this photograph would be everyone gathered around the Nintendo, its cartridge slot open and the boys taking turn blowing at it. Man, we're dorks. Hey, is there still room in that closet?

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