Thursday, March 30, 2006

GameTap to add TV element

GameTap by Turner, the leaders in buying old stuff and making it accessible, have added a TV element to the property. The new TV offering consists of 5 original channels and over 250 on demand video clips. My favorite part of the press release: Capcom adds Ghouls and Ghosts to the GameTap lineup.

Other cool nuggets about the channels:

On GameTap Originals channel - A reality show called "Challenged" where friends settle grudges by playing games against each other.

On the Game channel: King's Quest Week, sweet!

Any additional content for our culture is fantastic news. Add in that this is online and taps into the broadband market makes it even more significant as a sign that old media is losing steam.

Unfortunately, it's subscription and ad supported. It really should be either/or.

Press release here. Via Mediaweek

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