Friday, March 10, 2006

Video Game Generation interview, I'm so vain.

My interview with VGGen is here. The interview... it's standard stuff, me blabbing on. But let's take a count of the photos here: 3 shots of the game and 2 shots of me. Sing it with me now, "You're so vain, you think this interview is about you."

But but but... Arrrgh! Ok, so here's the story.

I sent two pictures of myself and said, pick the one you think works best. Because you know, some pubs are like serious and some are laid back and you know, I'm Mr. Chan-meleon, whatever color you need me to be.

Seriously, I didn't expect them to put up both. No one needs to see 40% dude in a video game interview. Really, no one wants that. How unfortunate.

(hee hee, VGGen, thanks for the coverage)

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