Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Adventures of the E3 Avatar continued...

Last week, I posted that I'll take requests for E3 activities. So far, I've got:

  • Hunt down Miyamoto, Iwata and Reggie and ask for autographs
  • Hit on booth babes
  • Visit Metal Gear Solid booth
  • Find biggest surprises of the event, post pictures
  • Investigate Hellgate London, do happy dance.
That should take about an hour. I don't think you guys are appreciating what I'm offering. Let's say someone else offered this up on their blog. I might throw a few suggestions like:
  • Head to Blizzard booth. Find nearest developer. Say, "My mount isn't housebroken. It's really causing a big ugly mess. What should I do?"
  • Find Nintendo reps, ask, "So Mario and Luigi, anything going on there?"
  • Find nearest game, use controller upside down. Say, "What the?! This game sucks!" really loud.
  • Always introduce yourself with, "I'm Ken, brand manager for BOTS from Acclaim. Spare a dime?"
  • Go to the nearest bathroom, use urinal, turn to neighbor, say, "Is that a +1 or a +2?"
  • Go to nearest booth babe, repeat question above.
  • Walk up to nearest person, say, "You should have spent more time in character creation mode"
  • Creep around the DDO or Oblivion areas in "sneak" mode.
I think you get the picture. I've thrown down the gauntlet, now have it. =)

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