Monday, April 03, 2006

Tools of the Trade: SnagIt

If you do any type of work in the interactive space, you've probably taken a screenshot or two. (All for professional reasons, of course)

The "print screen" button or for you Apple-philes, Shift-Apple-3 or 4, is your friend. Except, your friend has one very bad short-coming:

It can't take screenshots of any tall webpages. If you have to scroll to see an entire page, you can't capture the whole page without taking two shots. How annoying!

Ahh, but I found a solution. Let me introduce you to SnagIt. I've been using this little tool almost every day for the past few weeks. It will let you take uncut screenshots of an entire web page, no matter how tall. Sure, it has a ton of other features but like the other actors in a Keira Knightley movie, they hardly warrant your attention.

The Branded Newb screenshot you see to the right was captured by SnagIt (I had to actually cut it down in size because it grabbed the entire page and that would have been impossible to display in this post).

And if this sounds like a shill: I have not received any compensation from the makers of SnagIt. Though I'm not too good to take some if they offer it. =)

(4/4/06 Update here)

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