Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's a boy!.. wait a girl!... no a BOTS!

It's almost 4am and I'm posting to let you guys know that we just sent out the first batch of emails inviting our registered testers to download and play the game. That's right, we've just launched Closed Beta! Woot!

This baby took a while to get here and might be strange to look at for a while, but it's here and I'm happy and exhausted. We open up the servers for play today at 4pm. If you got your invite, I'll see you there. If not, I'll see you in a few days. If I made prior arrangements with you because you sent me money or gifts (umm... I'm so kidding! No one sent gifts...), I'll try to pull some strings.

But now, it's time for sleep!

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