Saturday, April 01, 2006

BOTS Status Update

So someone on thought it would be funny if I told everyone BOTS was ready today... only to reveal that it's not. Hmm, that might give me a momentarily bit of satisfaction but then like so many casual pleasures in life, I'd have to pay for it in the end. Not gonna do it.

Instead, I'm going to give you guys an update.

We're expecting a major client update on Monday from our dev team. If all goes well, this might be the client we launch closed beta on. If all does not go well, then we'll need another round of revisioning and tweaks. Each round takes about a week. For the most part, all cosmetic things are completed. The remaining issues are tech related. Read between the lines.

By the way, thanks for the font comments, decided to stick with #1. I'll be sharing decisions and asking for insight more often as things move forward, especially as I ramp up the marketing efforts. Some things/decisions I'm already planning to invite you guys into: Advertising, Tournaments, Promotions, Content Updates, and What Ken Should Have For Lunch. It will be educational and valuable for everyone involved.

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