Thursday, April 20, 2006

Turn around is fair play...

Look, I'm really tired of men being portrayed as sex symbols, in our industry and everywhere else! We're not objects to stare at and acquire. I am not an arm accessory like your purse nor do I live to open your jars or do your cleaning for you.

Take, for example, this website, called "Cleaning Hunk", for a cleaning product (I'm not even going to give them the benefit of naming them). Shameless!

And for those that haven't seen it yet, this Brawny Man site (Another blog that shall remain nameless dinged me for not covering this earlier... All I got to say is: here it is, so, PpppPpppttt!)

I mean, enough is enough! I am not an object!

(Unless you're hot, then you should really shoot me an email, address on utility bar to the right, can't miss it. Pssst, I'm really good at opening jars. ::wink wink::)

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