Monday, April 24, 2006

April 24, 2006. Brand Manager's Log, Supplemental:

Developing a game is like... really hard.

The public played BOTS for the first time yesterday. I would call it a success. We had a glitch in the beginning and no one could play with anyone else. That's right, we launched an online multiplayer game with no multiplayer functionality. Sweet! Hehe, luckily, we fixed it about an hour.

The problem that bugged me (I'm so punny!) the most was with our profanity filter. I could not type any sentence that had the word "it" in it. Do you know how tough it is to communicate without using the word "it"? You should try it. Dammit, see? IT's nearly impossible. We're getting IT fixed, the downfall of BOTS is not going to be a two letter word!

On the bright side, I am really enjoying interacting with our players. They are so supportive and friendly! I just want to take them all home and hug them and squeeze them and call them George (Yes, Animaniacs reference!). My priority is working with our players so it's good to know they're receptive.

I had a weird personal moment yesterday. It finally dawned on me that I'm the dude on the other side. The dev/admin/game company guy. I think you all know my passion for the industry and I've steered my career towards this goal for years. I guess it just didn't really register that I've made it until yesterday. I'm letting it sink in. Expect to see me jaded and aloof within the week. =)

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