Friday, April 07, 2006

Lara Croft takes a Guinness; record not pint

Lara Croft takes the Guinness title of "Most Successful Human Video Game Heroine". Next Generation article here.

Good ol'Guinness, always trying to stay relevant but ending up irreverent. Can we cross reference her success with her... oh nevermind, I won't go there. I'm sure they keep other records for the industry but this particular one doesn't do it for me. It's like saying:

For the hotel industry: Paris Hilton, more famous than any other Hilton.

For religion: Tom Cruise best evangelist of the year (by the way, it might not be his baby).

For online advertising: Lower My Bills most recognized ad units.

I apologize for the cynicism lately but I'm just not very excited about news that's not news. Like rain in World of Warcraft.

As a marketer, I understand why these things happen, you grasp for any news that'll stand out. As an industry watcher, this is a sign of increased culturalization of the industry, which part of me thinks is a good thing. As an advocate for the industry, I'm tired of it being represented this way. We're better than that.

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