Thursday, April 13, 2006

I demand the sum.... of $2 billlllion dollahs!

Our partners over at Massive have made an interesting prediction. In-game ad spend could be near $2 billion by 2010. That's from CEO Mitch Davis during the keynote speech at the Advertising in Games conference. That figure would make it 3% of all media spend in the US.

By my estimates, 3% is somewhere between what's spent now on outdoor advertising and the Internet. (I'll find my research if you guys press me on it, but take my word on it for now)

I think his prediction is pretty good. In 2005, game sales reached $7 billion and that's just selling games. Given the growth of our industry and that the amount of time people spend playing games is increasing, the ad money will naturally follow. I'm even going to say that Mitch's figure is probably on the low end.

Adweek article here

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