Monday, April 03, 2006

S. Korea, 72% uber-broadband: Done. Next: Robots for everyone!

Was sipping my calcium, fiber, vitamin D, low acid, lactose-free OJ this morning when I came across an article in the NY Times.

"In a Wired South Korea, Robots Will Feel Right at Home"

Some snippets:
"By 2007, networked robots that, say, relay messages to parents, teach children English and sing and dance for them when they are bored, are scheduled to enter mass production... If all goes according to plan, robots will be in every South Korean household between 2015 and 2020. That is the prediction, at least, of the Ministry of Information and Communication, which has grouped more than 30 companies, as well as 1,000 scientists from universities and research institutes, under its wing."

Before I even get to the story, what the heck is wrong with our government? Did you catch that bit about the Ministry? Hands down: Coolest damn Ministry since the Ministry of Magic (Don't you even dare try to comment that the latter doesn't exist, I will thwap you senseless with my Accio Firebolt).

Ok, so about the story. I absolutely admire the cooperation between the public, industry and government in Korea. Looking at the accomplishments so far in getting the society wired and where their game industry is, I don't doubt the robot thing can be achieved.

I honestly sat here trying to think of something similar in the States and I drew a blank. When was the last time we as a nation got behind a common cause that wasn't disaster related? Apollo (space not skate)?

By the way, how do I get dual-citizenship with Korea? Maybe we can start an annual geek migration.

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