Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How deep is your love... is your love...?

Consider this the self-indulgent esoteric post of the week:

The movie, "The Wild" is coming out this weekend. You may have seen some trailers or ads about it and thought, oh, Madagascar is coming out with a sequel. Nope, apparently this is another movie about zoo animals in New York, go figure. This seems like one I could have easily skipped. Until I found out...

Eddie Izzard voices Nigel, the British Koala (What? Aren't Koalas' Aussie?).

So ok, I love me some Eddie Izzard. He started his career doing stand-up but has branched to TV and movies. I've never waited in line in my life for a concert or anything like that. However, a few years ago, I waited in line outside the Virgin Megastore on Sunset for 3 hours to get a signed DVD. He's just that good!

So now I'm confronted with a very typical fan dilemma. Am I a big enough fan to really go see this movie just to hear Eddie's voice and no doubt his incredible voice acting? Hmmm...

Can history be an indicator of how I'll decide? Let's see:

Even though it was painful, I watched Star Trek Voyager for a whole season. I still read every Michael Crichton book that comes out hoping for a glimpse of old times. Steve Martin, did you have to turn Shopgirl into a movie?! Dearest Smallville, you've changed, I may need some time alone.

Brand loyalty is a powerful thing, tugging at our emotional binds and screwing around with our rational behaviors. When people think of brands, they mostly think about buying some brand name over another. However, brand loyalty also involves several other elements like forgiving your favorite brand for mistakes, sometimes even big ones. Loyalty also lowers the threshold to try new products. Diet Coke with Salmon? Hmm, it sounds disgusting.... but it's Diet Coke. Oh heck, why not?!

Can I resist the tug of loyalty? How deep is my love?

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