Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mon chéri, j'ai écrit une aventure de MMO pour vous

Mon chéri,

Ay cannot stop thinking about chu. Mon vin et mon baguette, c'est... it is, how you say... no good. I want to write you lettres but they are meaningless! They cannot tell you how I feel! They cannot show you mon coeur, my H'AHT! No, they will not do.
I will write you an adventure! Yes, yes, you will be schwept away by the pa'SHON, the bravery, the sac'zee. Oh, it will be very sac'zee. We will rendezvous in the Ryzom Ring, do not be late.



Ok, if you're thinking, what the hell was that? Yeah, me too.

Anyways, there's a French MMORPG that's allowing players to create their own content such as quests. Bout time! The walk-thru on how to create one is here.

More options for consumer generated media; very cool! I'm sure there's going to be really awful content for a while but eventually, some devoted and talented person is probably going to blow everyone's socks off.

Thanks to Ionicwings for the tip!

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