Saturday, April 08, 2006

Players of mmorpg Entropia can now run ads in the game

Got an exciting guild event coming up? Want to sell that ridiculously uber set of armor you got? Cool, but how are you going to advertise? Well, up until now, your only options in MMORPGs were to hit the message boards/sales lists or scream yourself hoarse in a town center/chat channel (making a complete dork of yourself in the meantime).

The creators of Entropia have introduced a pretty neat innovation: A system for in-game advertising, used by players to promote game-related events/content. Players create their own ads, pick locations and pay via game money. Details of the system here.

I like this idea and I can imagine the uses for guild recruitment, item sales and just a general boost in economy. Mostly though, I like that it'll probably lessen the incessant LTS messages (lessen, not eliminate, I'm not that naive).

via Adrants

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