Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Artsy Tuesday

As I mentioned in a previous post, tonight was the video game art gallery launch, done by "i am 8-bit". It was hands down an amazing success. I think there had to have been about over 1,000 people in the back of the gallery where the party was, in the actual gallery and around the block waiting to get into the gallery. Enough words, here's some pics.

Waiting to get into the gallery, no joke, around the block.

Finally got inside, it was elbow to elbow. Never been to a gallery opening this packed.

From another angle.

Luigi the Con (sorry about the blur, people were bumping me!)

A clay piece, Dig Dug is Dead.

The Game Over Tavern ($8,000)

Mario on Girders

And finally, my favorite. Mario again, almost with a Hildebrandt style

Coin-Op TV was there, so was MTV.com. Overall, not a bad way to spend a Tuesday night. Also ran into some people I knew but no one that reads this. Where were you all? =)

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