Saturday, April 01, 2006

This foolish day, not lost in translation

I'm not really good at Fooling people, so instead, I'm going to share a little story with you today. By the way, this is TOTALLY off topic to the blog so feel free to move on if you wish, I won't be offended.

I'm a first generation Chinese-American. My mom, bless her heart, did not grow up in this culture. She learned about American holidays through me; I would come home from school overflowing with holiday spirit and insistent on celebrating like everyone else.

I told her about the Tooth Fairy leaving money under the pillow and I told her about Santa leaving gifts. She knew the holidays meant something to me so she tried her best. Things would get lost in translation. On Christmas mornings, I would wake up with something very uncomfortable under my pillow: my Xmas gifts.

She was an expert at one holiday though. April Fool's Day. I guess I told her it was a day you could lie and fool people and it was all in good fun. Thus begins my life with mom and April Fool's Day. Some highlights:

April 1, 1985: "I threw out all your toys" "Why?!" "I needed to clean up" "But.." "April Fools!"

April 1, 1989: I wake up in the morning. Mom says, "We're moving back to Hong Kong. Get your suitcase." I go into my closet and pull out my suitcase.... "April Fools!"

April 1, 1995: Mom pages me urgently while I'm in class at UCLA. I step out and call her. "I got in a car accident, can you come help me?" "Oh my god, where?" "10 Freeway, come quick." "Where on 10 Freeway?" "Ha ha ha, April Fools"

April 1, 2003: I'm in Knoxville, Tennessee. Mom calls, "Your cousin is in jail, can you call a lawyer?" "What?!" "Yeah, he got in a fight" "Ok, I'll call you right back" "Wait a second... April Fools!"

April 1, 2005: I'm at work. Cell phone rings. "The toilet won't stop running. The floor is flooding!" "Oh my god, ok, I'll call the plumber" "Wait, listen to it" "What?" "Listen to the toilet........ April Fools!"

She gets me EVERY time! You may be thinking I'm an idiot, but seriously, the woman is good. She takes advantage of the sacred mother-son trust/bond/whatever. Every year, I think I'm prepared but she ups the ante or catches me off guard.

Not this year mom. I'm ready this year. Bring it on!

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