Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I don't feel like joining a cult tonight, can we watch TV instead?

Marketers like talking and sadly we get overzealous sometimes when talking amongst ourselves. We use words/phrases like "drinking the kool-aid", "evangelist" and "brand fanaticism". It's all just fanciful ways to talk about how great your idea/product is and/or how people just love it to death.

It's supposed to be fanciful. That is, until some silly creative type takes it literally and makes an entire ad campaign out of it.

Then... well... then it's just weird.

Orbit's Gum wants you to join the Friends of Bright.
(Cute, creepy, corny)

Axe Deodorant wants guys to join the Order of the Serpentine.
(Salacious, sophomoric, sexist)

I'm officially announcing the Brotherhood of BOTS. Bring your own refreshments.

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