Thursday, April 27, 2006

More monkey with lever behavior...

Rocket Boom, an always delightfully written and easy on the eyes vlog, had a post (is it called a post?) of profound nothingness today (or yesterday if you're a stickler about time).

Similar to the "time waster of the day" from a couple days ago, I was compelled to keep watching to see if anything would happen. I'll spoil it for you, Ms. Congdon doesn't say a word, the entire time.

I have succumb to the powers of conditioning again! Once something good happens, I always think it'll come back. Must push button, must wait to see something happen, must keep watching Smallville, must wait for N. Kidman to call back, must keep grinding to level up. Help me, I can't stop!

Apparently, Rocket Boom was observing the National Day of Silence, a day where kids at school keep quiet to increase awareness of bigotry against GLBT (gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transexual). Interesting idea but umm wouldn't it be better to talk about the issues? Maybe this is like one of those negotiation tactics where you stay quiet until the other person caves:

"Ok, I'll sell it to you for $100"
"What? Is that too much?"
"Ok, fine, $75"

Works every time!

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