Monday, April 17, 2006

Just one of 1.2 million

So here's a statistic: 1.2 million new blog posts are created every day.

I receive approximately 30-60 readers a day. Therefore, of the entire blogosphere, the odds are better that someone wins about $1,500 in the lottery than read my blog. But you, my friend, have beaten the odds. Congratulations! Ummm here... you win a vowel: "o"

Some other interesting things:

The blogosphere is 60 times larger than three years ago - When 2 dudes were blogging.
Technorati tracks 35.3 million blogs - I read about 50 a day, tops, I'll catch up eventually.
On average, a new blog is created every second of every day - now, now, now, not now (it's an average), now, now, etc.

At this rate of growth, I estimate that within 3 years, there will be so many new blogs and so few readers that everyone will blog but we'll all be talking to ourselves. To anticipate this, I've already created 3 different blogs just to talk to myself.

Marketing Vox article here

On a more serious note and more on topic:. Are there blogs in MMORPGs yet? I mean, the functionality wouldn't seem too difficult to implement. And it would put to use all the useless libraries in those games now. I'd love to read a good writer's account of their quest or siege or anything really. Heck, I'll even volunteer to be an in-game blogger, I'll write about my social shortcomings as a town greeter.

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