Monday, April 24, 2006

Male gamers get psychoanalyzed

Wired has a nice thought-provoking piece on the attraction of Lara Croft. Finally, something that reassures me that us men are not Neanderthalistic automatons governed by our prurient visual desires. Nope, we're more complicated than that.

We apparently also have an innate desire to flip the knight/damsel complex on it's head. If I'm reading this right, we unconsciously want to see women achieve Chuck Norris-like capabilities and kick our collective butts. (Sorry, had to include a picture of Chuck on the blog. My day is complete.)

Perhaps that's why I got all giddy when Lana learned martial arts and didn't need Clark to save her. You should have seen that episode, she executed a magnificent roundhouse and then a right cross into the baddie's face. I mean, I got all tittery and squealed delightfully. Wheee!

Wait, I've said too much.... err... umm... I love BOTS! ::runs away::

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