Friday, April 21, 2006

Imagine having an E3 avatar

As a public service and also because I'll have a whole free day, I thought it'd be fun for me to take some requests.

So here's the deal. It's still a couple weeks away, which will give us time to plan and strategize. I'm hoping we can think of something interesting and cool for me to do while I'm there that will benefit Branded Newb readers. I can follow a script or freestyle it. You guys decide. I'll post any relevant results, such as pictures, video or audio transcripts. And yes, I retain veto power. I like my readers but I'm not going to jail.

[look around]
1:00pm. You just checked in at E3. You make your way up the escalators and see the dazzling display beyond the glass doors. A guard, checking badges, blocks your way.

You open up your brochure and look at the floorplan.

Wallet ($20 in cash)
E3 Badge
5mega-pixel digital camera
Cell phone PDA w/camera

What do you do now?

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